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Folding Mattress

This high-quality Foldable Mattress is perfect for any camping trip or sleepover!

Ultra Soft 6'' Twin/Full/Queen Size Tri-Folding Memory Mattress With Carry Bag

Tri-folding mattress with storage bag easy to transport and storage .

$350.00 $229.95 (Save 34%)
In Stock
All Sizes Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon 4-Trifold (FPFS)

The Shiki futon is a true Japanese futon mattress offering the ultimate in support.

$300.00 $149.95 (Save 50%)
In Stock
4" Memory Foam Tri-Fold Comfort Mattress B009G8J670(AZFS)

The tri-fold comfort mat gives you the flexibility you desire and comfort you expect anywhere you go.

$200.00 $149.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
4" Ultra Soft Extra Long Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress (AZFS)

MILLIARD Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress + Ultra Soft Removable Bamboo Cover with Non-Slip Bottom

$200.00 $149.95 (Save 25%)
In Stock
6-Inch Memory Foam Ventilated Tri-Folding Mattress Twin Size With Handles

HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The LifeSmart is expertly made from memory foam to provide long-term strength and use. Known for its therapeutic qualities and comfortable support, the foam quickly molds to the contours of your body and is ventilated to allowing for air flow to help regulate your sleep temperature.

$300.00 $209.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
6" Thick Twin Size Trifold Foam Beds C003007(AZ165)

Natural Twin Size Shikibuton Trifold Foam Beds

$275.00 $229.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
FoldNGo Adult Single Memory Foam Mattress FNG270FW(AZFS)

The FoldNGo viscos memory foam mattress was designed to make you feel like you are sleeping in the clouds.

$185.00 $139.95 (Save 24%)
In Stock
LUCID 8-inch Folding Sofa Mattress

This convertible foam mattress offers both style and comfort, quickly folding from a thick, supportive floor mattress to a contemporary sofa. Eight inches of high density support foam create a supportive surface, while durable linen-look fabric complements modern deco

$429.95 $299.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Twin Size Folding Memory Foam Mattress Lucid(AZFS80)

This mattress is the perfect marriage of luxury and convenience at a price that makes sense. The 3 In. thick foldable mattress features a 2 In. comfort layer of premium memory foam and a 1 In. high-density foam base.

$225.00 $199.00 (Save 12%)
In Stock
All Sizes 6" Ultra Soft Extra Long Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress (AZFS)

MILLIARD Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress + Ultra Soft Removable Bamboo Cover with Non-Slip Bottom

$300.00 $229.95 (Save 23%)
In Stock
Twin Suede  Extra Long Tri-fold Mattress 9994PK1(OFS)

Featuring a suede microfiber cover and polyester fiber fill, this multi-purpose tri-fold mat is the perfect solution for camping, reading, yoga and night time sleeping.

$150.00 $99.95 (Save 33%)
In Stock
4" Thick Queen Size Trifold Foam Bedsf b304 (AZFS230)

This trifold foam bed is also known as a shikibuton, it is perfectly used as a sleeper foam bed on the floor in your room.

$350.00 $311.00 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Gel Memory Foam 5 In. Portable Tri-Fold Mattress

Comfort and support from 1 inch gel memory foam, 2.5 inches viscolatex foam, 1.5 inches high-density base support foam.

In Stock
All Sizes Memory Foam 4" Folding Convertible Sofa bed LUCID(AZFS)

This four inch thick folding convertible sofa bed / memory foam mattress is perfect for camping, family rooms, and any other place you want to chill.

$350.00 $269.95 (Save 23%)
In Stock
LUCID All Sizes 4" Folding Mattress - Gel Foam Mattress

This unique 4" convertible mattress is great for small spaces, making it ideal for camping, guests, or dorms. This trifold portable design allows you to bring the comforts of Lucid wherever you go. This super lightweight mattress is fitted with handles for easy transport.

$350.00 $215.95 (Save 38%)
In Stock
Milliard Tri-Fold Folding Sofa Bed (AZFS)

College students and apartment dwellers will appreciate how precious space can be where there is little to be had, but the MILLIARD Tri-Fold Folding Sofa Bed can provide

$350.00 $159.95 (Save 54%)
In Stock
Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 4 inch tri-folding memory foam mattress is the ideal option for visitors, sleepovers, car trips, camping or dorm room bed. Portable and comfortable mattress , no pain in the back or neck when people sleep on it.

$125.00 $75.95 (Save 39%)
In Stock
Folding BioFlex Soy Foam Beds Shikibutons(FSFS)

Folding Foam Beds in bright washable removable covers: Also called Shikibutons (Japanese fold-able floor mattress), these simple foam beds are based on a traditional Japanese design that is as easy to use as it is convenient.

$600.00 $350.00 (Save 42%)
In Stock
Sleep Revolution 3.5" Tri-Fold Mat With Carrying Bag (SRFS)

The tri-fold cushion by Sleep Revolution is an easy and convenient comfort solution for lounging and relaxing.

$175.00 $139.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Extra Large Memory Foam Folding Bed (FOMFS)

Say goodbye to uncomfortable pull-out sofas, poorly made cots, and overpriced futons. Our Memory Foam Folding bed is the most comfortable folding sleep surface ever invented.

$350.00 $195.00 (Save 44%)
In Stock
Convertible Guest Bed Game Chair Ninja(LSFS)

Light weight and versatile, the Rocker Convertible Chair is great for kids and their overnight guests, as well as the premier Gaming chair on the market.

$250.00 $185.00 (Save 26%)
In Stock
Extra Long Fold able Foam Mattress M_(AVI)

Vinyl Cover Fold able Foam Mattress.

In Stock
Extra Long Portable Memory Foam Folding Bed SF2565(HIFS)

<b>Features:</b><br>Fully Adjustable & Flexible For Head, Neck, Leg, Knee & Feet Support.<br>Zip-Out Memory Foam Wedges.

$350.00 $299.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
Twin XL-size Memory Foam Mattress and Rolling Duffel Bag Set 13088492(OFS229)

This Campus memory foam mattress is perfect for a dorm room where a bed has to serve as a sleep surface, a sofa, a lounge and a place for study. This memory foam mattress comes in a duffel bag with wheels for easy transport.

$350.00 $299.95 (Save 14%)
In Stock
4" Tri-Fold Memory  Foam Mattress With Storage Bag BPM-4TM(AZFS)

Impress yourself or your guest with Best Price Mattress ¡s 4" Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress- the latest in portable comfort.

$200.00 $159.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Cot Size Tri-fold Foam Bed 15289337(OFS100)

This is an easy storage sleeping solution, just flip and fold to store or set up. Tri-fold foam folding beds are the perfect folding bed for guests, but can also serve as a multi-purpose mat that can be used for exercising or even as a camping mat

$195.00 $135.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Queen Size Tri-Fold Bed 15394193(OFS170)

Easy storage sleeping solution, just flip and fold to store or set up. Tri-fold foam folding beds

$275.00 $229.95 (Save 16%)
In Stock
Jaxx Zipline Modular Sleeper Chair & Ottoman Set 1638570_(WFFS)

A chair as clever as it is stylish; the Zip line chair with ottoman is a fun and functional centerpiece for any room. With its 3-tiered multifunctional design, it creates the perfect layout for your space with the ability to customize it at the flick of a wrist

$650.00 $599.95 (Save 8%)
In Stock
The Crash Pad Instant Folding Bed 2463161(MC)

No pumps, No cords, No Hassles. This portable bed rolls out in seconds and designed with a Micro Plush Cover and Premium Foam that will bring lasting comfort.

$150.00 $139.95 (Save 7%)
In Stock
Better Habitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam Floor Mattress With Carry Case 49121502(AZFS)

Better Habitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam Floor Mattress (75 x 36 In.). Roll out, Portable sleeping pad w/ waterproof cotton terry cover & travel bag

$250.00 $219.95 (Save 12%)
In Stock
8" Queen Size Tri-fold Foam Bed AC_2004_8(OFS)

Designed to hold up for multi-uses, this 8-inch thick extra large bed is great to have around for any situation. With its unique tri-fold style, this mat can be folded into a seating option or a sleeping space

$750.00 $546.00 (Save 27%)
In Stock
Gel Memory Foam 3 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort ATRI-3N(AZFS)

The Zinus Gel Memory Foam Tri-Fold Comfort Mat for comfortable and convenient rest. One-year worry-free limited warranty.

$150.00 $89.95 (Save 40%)
In Stock
Beautysleep Siesta Twin Memory Foam Guest Bed IMCE050TW(WFS)

Enjoy the Beautysleep Siesta Twin Memory Foam Guest Bed for an instant bed in a bag that unrolls into a comfy mattress. This bed is perfect for a great rest anywhere. Use this guest bed for travel, dorms, camping, guest beds and slumber parties.

$125.00 $85.95 (Save 31%)
In Stock
The Spirit Rolled Futon Mattress In A Box (FPFS)

The Spirit Rolled Futon Mattress In Box is a perfect Guest Bed or Regular Mattress for any Futon.

$300.00 $125.95 (Save 58%)
Extra Long Full Size Tri-fold Foam 15289339(OFS168)

This is an easy storage sleeping solution, just flip and fold to store or set up. Tri-fold foam folding beds are the perfect folding bed for guests, but can also serve as a multi-purpose mat that can be used for exercising or even as a camping mat.

$275.00 $226.95 (Save 17%)
In Stock
Austin Bean Bag Chair Bed 1401_(OFS199)

Multi-function, converts between chair and bed

$325.00 $289.95 (Save 11%)
In Stock
Twin Size Extra Long Tri-fold Foam Bed 15289338(OFS137)

This is an easy storage sleeping solution, just flip and fold to store or set up.

$200.00 $184.95 (Save 8%)
In Stock
Full Size Tri-Fold Bed 15394192(OFS130)

Easy storage sleeping solution, just flip and fold to store or set up. Tri-fold foam folding beds are the perfect folding bed for guests, but can also serve as a multi porpuse mat that can be used for exercising to even a camping mat

$350.00 $279.00 (Save 20%)
In Stock
Hermell Tri-fold Portable Bed BP2575MO(OFS)

The convenient portable mattress pad folds away for compact storage with a carry handle.

$200.00 $129.95 (Save 35%)
In Stock
All Sizes Solid Color Tri Fold Bed White Foam (AZFS)

4" Tri-Fold Comfort Bed/Mat/Mattress Gives You The Flexibility You Desire And Comfort You Expect Anywhere.

$300.00 $99.95 (Save 67%)
In Stock
Tri-Fold Bedside Mat in Navy NYO1104(WFFS)

Made from high-impact foam, Bedside Safety Mats help reduce the possibility of impact related injuries and provide full-length coverage of the bed exit area.

$125.00 $89.95 (Save 28%)
In Stock
TVisio Folding Pillows 0650(CR)

Set Of 3 Beanbag Pillows. Can be used as a foldable mattress.

$175.00 $125.00 (Save 29%)
In Stock
Big Joe Bean Bag Lounger FR1339(WFFS)

The Big Joe flip lounger gives you the versatility that you deserve. It can be used as a chair or a lounger in just a snap. Secure the clasps and you have a great extra chair unhook them. Great for any room in your house!

$125.00 $99.95 (Save 20%)
In Stock

The Klymit Static V Camo Inflatable Sleeping Pad is very comfortable and easy to use.

$125.00 $87.95 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Memory Foam Comfort Lounger Sectional Chair 13959077(OFS205)

This Comfort Lounger lounging sectional chair comes in a variety of colors to suit your individual taste. The Memory Foam construction of this sectional chair ensures comfort to all.

$350.00 $299.95 (Save 14%)
Out Of Stock
Memory Foam Comfort Lounge Sleeper 13959101(OFS319)

Comfortable memory foam chair and the ottoman set converts into a chaise, small bed or side table to create optimal usage for this clever cozy design.

$450.00 $399.95 (Save 11%)
Out Of Stock
Extra Long Convertible Chair Bed 1403743_(OFS288)

With a comfort-oriented design, this convertible chair bed is multifunctional and takes full advantage of any available space.

$450.00 $329.95 (Save 27%)
Out Of Stock
NOVObasics Fold-A-Bed 6404(WFS)

Available in Multiple Colors, the NOVObasics Fold-A-Bed is a comfortable bed for guests or traveling and camping. It is made with a 100 percent polyester cover that dries quickly and is removable and washable, providing for easy care.

$125.95 $99.95 (Save 21%)
Out Of Stock
The Sharper Image Fold & Go Memory Foam Slumber Pad F12-SO9193(OFS)

Sleep Better with this Sharper Image Memory Foam Slumber Pad. The pad contours to the body for the ultimate pressure point relief and a deep, restful night's sleep or nap.

$175.00 $129.94 (Save 26%)
Out Of Stock
Premium Ready Bed (HI)

Fold-able Foam Mattress All Filled With 100% Premium Urethane Foam.

Out Of Stock
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